eHealth Citizen Health Portal Frequently Asked Questions (Legal)

General Information

What is the Citizen Health Information Portal (CHIP)?

eHealth Saskatchewan (eHealth) will be piloting a new electronic Citizen Health Information Portal (CHIP) in 2016. CHIP is designed to give users in Saskatchewan instant online access to their personal health records such as lab results, immunizations, pharmacy and hospital visits across the province. All personal information is stored safely and securely in private and confidential files and can only be accessed by individual users through a highly secure, personalized login.

When will CHIP start?

CHIP is a pilot project that will begin in January 2016 and run for six months.

Who can participate in the pilot?

The pilot will include up to 1000 selected Saskatchewan residents and health care providers. eHealth worked with citizen, clinical and business advisory panels to help choose a diverse group of participants.

How can I participate in the pilot?

Participants have already been invited to participate in the CHIP pilot. If you are participating, you will receive a pre-registration email. Once you receive it, you can pre-register by clicking the link provided. If you did not receive the email but are interested to learn if there is space available, you can email

What is expected of participants?

Participants will be asked to access and review CHIP for its usefulness, identify its ease of functionality and provide feedback on how CHIP contributed to your health care during the pilot period. Participants will also be asked to provide their feedback by completing three to five surveys staggered throughout the pilot period.

As a participant, what will I be able to see or do in the portal?

During the pilot, you will be able to use CHIP to view your personal demographic information and your electronic medical records for:

You will also be able to add any personal medical history that is not included in your electronic medical record, generate customized reports for hospital visits, travel and forms; communicate with authorized provider(s) through secure e-mail; and invite authorized providers to participate in your care using a provider-specific view. For more details on the types of information available in the portal, review the section below titled: “How much of my electronic record will I be able to see?”

Can I use CHIP in an emergency situation?

It is not recommended that CHIP be used in an emergency situation. The content of CHIP is incomplete and for information only. Therefore, it should not be interpreted as medical advice or used for self-diagnosis. There is no guarantee that the information you enter in CHIP will be consulted and viewed by your health care professionals. In case of emergency, please contact your health care professional or dial 9-1-1.

What are the benefits of CHIP?

Improved patient care: Having critical patient information available electronically allows health care providers to make more timely and more informed decisions. This is valuable for everyone, but especially important if you have recently changed doctors, moved within Saskatchewan, or need medical attention while traveling. This information can be accessed from anywhere in the world where you are connected to the internet.

Improved relationships: Online citizen health portals have been shown to improve patient-physician relationships by engaging the patient more fully.

Total privacy: Your health data is safe and secure. Even your doctor will need permission to view your medical history online.

A smarter health care system for all: The flow of vital patient information online is contributing to the transformation of Saskatchewan’s overall health care system.

Why is eHealth piloting CHIP?

eHealth is committed to making patient information available electronically to patients and their health care team to empower patients and to enable health care providers to have the information available to provide the best possible care. Saskatchewan will be the first to pilot a citizen health portal and we want to make sure we get information from citizens and health care providers to help us plan for future electronic health initiatives.

Will CHIP be available to all citizens in Saskatchewan after the pilot is complete?

The first step is to evaluate the results and feedback from all of the participants. Once the pilot is complete, a review will take place and a recommendation will be made on whether to proceed with a budget request to implement a province-wide portal.

Pre-Registration Information

I have pre-registered, now what?

The pre-registration process allows eHealth to set up your personal credentials and verify your authority to register children, or another adult, whom you have legal custodianship over. In early 2016, we will contact you with all of the information that you need to create your account and log into CHIP.

Can I pre-register other people?

During pre-registration, you will be able to pre-register children seven years of age and under and/or an adult over whom you have legal custodianship. You may not pre-register a spouse or family members you do not have legal custodianship over.

What does it mean to be the legal custodian of a child?

Legal custody under The Children's Law Act, 1997 means the parents (birth or by adoption) of a child are joint legal custodians of the child with equal right, power and duties; the parents of the child may enter into an agreement that varies their status as joint legal custodians; and a court may vary the parents' status as joint legal custodians of a child. The above is not intended to provide legal advice, but is intended as a summary of section 3 of The Children's Law Act, 1997. Further, please contact your own legal representative for assistance in determining legal custody.

What authority is required to register on behalf of another adult?

In order to register on behalf of another adult, you must have the written authority to do so. Such authority may be granted pursuant to:

Please contact your own legal representative for assistance in determining whether you have authority to register on behalf of another adult. For more information regarding the validation process, please contact us at

What happens when I share my information in CHIP with a Proxy?

A health care proxy is a document (legal instrument) with which a patient (primary individual) appoints an agent to legally make health care decisions on behalf of the patient, when he or she is incapable of making and executing the health care decisions stipulated in the proxy.

CHIP allows you to authorize others (your Proxy) to access your personal health information in CHIP. When setting up your Proxy's access, the system allows you to control the type and scope of access. If you wish, your Proxy can have the same access and privileges that you have to your CHIP information. You are responsible for all action taken by your Proxy and understand your Proxy will have access to your personal health information. Your Proxy will have access to your CHIP information until you revoke access through the system. You are responsible to manage access by your Proxy to your information. You agree and understand that once accessed by your Proxy, the information may be shared by your Proxy and no longer protected by privacy law.

CHIP is being provided by eHealth with the support of TELUS Health Solutions Inc. (TELUS). For the CHIP pilot, your Proxy will access your CHIP information through the TELUS Health Vault and may see the TELUS Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy at the bottom of the screen. Please note that your Proxy's access is subject to:

eHealth has engaged TELUS to provide information technology and management services through the TELUS Health Space® platform. The contract between TELUS and eHealth clearly states that eHealth controls and is accountable for the personal health information stored in CHIP. Further, the contract includes reasonable and appropriate provisions to protect the security and confidentiality of the personal health information and to ensure the information is stored in Canada and is subject to Canadian privacy laws.

More Information

Can I enter personal data?

Yes, you are able to enter any aspect of your personal health record that you choose, as long as there is a category to enter it into. All personally-entered data will show up as a yellow record, while provincial records will be coloured grey.

How do I create a record?

Each section of the portal has an ‘Add New’ button where you can add to your personal health record. Refer to the ‘using the portal’ webinar for more information.

How do I delete a record?

During the pilot, you cannot delete or hide any of the provincially-entered records. You can only delete records that you have entered yourself or those entered by a delegate who you have given read-write access. If you have provided access to a provider and they have entered a record you will have to request them to delete the record.

Are my health records updated in real time?

New provincial health record information, or changes to provincial information, are available to be viewed within 24 hours. When you log in to CHIP, any new data will be presented in the ‘New Data’ section. Any information that you enter yourself will be available to view immediately.

How can I view my family members’ records?

To view family members’ records, they will need to have an account on the portal. A limited number of users have been approved to participate in the pilot, so unless your family member is part of the pilot you will not be able to view their health records.

Who can I share my data with?

You can share any aspect of your data, for any period of time, with anyone you choose, by providing them with delegate access using the ‘share’ function. There is no geographic limitation for this service so you can provide access to anyone in the world.

What is a delegate?

A delegate is someone who you have provided read, read-write, or legal custodian access to your data using the ‘share’ functionality on the portal.

What can a delegate do?

A delegate can only view records or perform activities that you have authorized them to do. Read access allows the delegate to view records but not modify them, read-write allows them to read or modify user-entered data, and legal custodian access gives them the ability to act on your behalf. In this capacity they can read, modify and share your personal health record.

Will any outside agencies have access to my records?

You are in control of who has access to your personal health records. No outside agencies have access to your personal health record unless you give them access through the delegate access channel. If you do provide someone with access to your personal health record, you are able to revoke their access at any time.

How much of my electronic record will I be able to see?

During the pilot, you will be able to see information that has been added by yourself, along with general lab results available from:

What information is not included?

What do the headers in each section of CHIP mean?

A description of each record type displayed in CHIP is shown below:

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What do I do if some of my health records are not shown in CHIP?

There are a few reasons why records may not be shown, including:

What should I do if information is missing in my prescription fill history?

You can contact the pharmacy that filled your prescription to inquire about this. It is expected that all prescriptions filled by Saskatchewan pharmacies should be uploaded to the Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP) database and therefore should show up in your medication list.

Privacy and Security Information

What type of security and privacy will be in place?

eHealth considers security and data protection to be vital to eHealth's website and services (the services and website are collectively referred to as "eHealth Services").

eHealth has taken all reasonable steps to assist in the protection of its users' information, including the use of firewall technology and the implementation of internal security policies and procedures. eHealth will continue to monitor security issues and will update and improve security when it is appropriate and practical to do so.

However, it is important to note that the internet is not a secure method of communication and eHealth cannot guarantee the privacy or security of user information submitted through use of eHealth Services or by email over the internet. No security or encryption we provide can protect against every circumstance.

Who can see my information?

In-line with The Health Information Protection Act (HIPA) you are the only person who can determine who has access to your data in CHIP. You may provide access to others in a secure manner and you can limit the extent and the length of time that they have access to that data and withdraw access at any time.

Can I mark information as confidential?

CHIP gives you access to your entire personal health record and is not designed to be something where you hide aspects of the record. For this reason, it is not possible to hide a record as confidential or delete records. If you have provided access to a delegate using the delegate access function you are able to determine which aspects of the record you want them to be able to view and which are hidden by selecting or de-selecting certain record types.

Can I limit access or duration for sharing records?

You can limit the access to and duration of records in two ways: when you add a new delegate or when you modify an existing delegate’s permissions.

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